Monday, 18 April 2016

Move it Move it

Recently I've started a new program to get back to running. I used to run all the time when I was younger - but age and life takes over and the thought of going out and running around the neighbourhood just seems silly. So I downloaded a Couch to 5k app (from here on called C25K) for my phone and have started interval training hoping to get up to a running a full 5 k by the end of week 9.

Despite dancing regularly and walking with the kids everyday and the odd family bikeride I don't usually do anything that requires any specific gear - but getting serious about running means wearing appropriate gear. It has to breathe and move with you and not be too constricting or uncomfortable (because there's ENOUGH uncomfortable things about running already, lol).

But therein lies the problem: finding plus size activewear that's not a)super ugly/unflattering b)too small and therefore overly constricting and c)exorbitantly expensive.
Now I know this is going to seem whiny, but I'm going to say it anyway: apparently heavier people "need" to exercise (let's not get into that - the fact is I personally WANT to exercise) but there is a definite lack of activewear in plus sizes. And frankly - I don't want to run in a giant cotton t-shirt just because people think that I need to wear something that bears a striking resemblance to a sack when I run just because I'm bigger.

So - I've done quite a bit of searching and found a few Canadian plus size activewear options that aren't bank-breaking, and are actually quite functional and even cute!

Additionelle has a line called Nola that makes some decent pieces. Their dry-wear is actually quite effective and the prints this season are decent. Some of my faves are:

Nola No-show Waist Legging - love the purple!

Nola No-sweat T-shirt with Mesh - great print and breatheable

Nola Run Sculpting Legging Capri - a decent compression tight for running that's not uncomfortable

Old Navy has a decent amount of plus size activewear - of course the only downside is that you are often unable to find it in store. I do sometimes order from them online, but I always end up over ordering and returning things that don't fit. That said - I have found their sizing to be getting better and they go up to a 4X in most of their activewear.

I really love this mesh back loose tank and these printed capri leggings

Penningtons has always been decent for basics. I love these two pieces for a low-impact workout, walk, yoga or family bike ride.

Activezone Pant with Drawstring

Activezone Weekend Collection Crossover Top

 And last I have a few items I want to share that I've seen at Reitmans. Even though Reitmans calls this a "plus size" line - it only goes up to 2X in most pieces. So, I don't consider it a true plus size line, but if you're on the lower end of the plus size spectrum like me you can find a few things.

I like this sleeveless sport vest - great for layering

This wrap around sports bra is going to be part of my dance wardrobe soon

And this Peplum cami

What do you look for in activewear? And are there any runners out there - what are your must-haves for a good run?

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