Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Comfy (New)Chic

*Disclosure: I received these items for free from Newchic in return for a post reviewing the items. All opinions are 100% my own*

Do you remember when I posted telling you about Newchic?

Well - I finally received my items! If you remember, in this post I shared with you my wishlist and what Newchic was sending me to try out. The scarf arrived first and I will admit that I fell in love with it immediately. It's light and airy and the print and colour are fantastic. I can see myself wearing it quite a lot.

Some time later (and I mean, probably almost 3 weeks later)  my shirt and dress finally arrived. The shirt is sooooo comfortable. I love the little hitch-up in the hem and it's got great flow.

The neckline is a little bit higher than I thought it would be judging by the picture online, but it's nothing that bothers me at all. I wore it with my black leggings and my jean jacket and it was perfectly comfortable for running errands and then for helping to lead an informal Maundy Thursday service at my church.

Then there was the dress. You'll notice that there's no picture of me in the dress on this post. Here's the thing: the material is quite a lot more see-through than I anticipated. And while I definitely love the curvy black and white design, the white part of the dress leaves absolutely NOTHING to the imagination. I'm looking into what I can wear under the dress to make it work for me, but I haven't found a solution yet. I have tried it on, however, and the fit is perfect - Newchic definitely has their sizing down pat. Take your measurements and trust their fit guide if you're ordering. Just read very carefully to see what the material for the pieces are. I should have paid more attention to the description of the dress.

None the less I would say that I'm totally pleased with the items I received from Newchic. Their prices are fantastic, and the sizing is well managed. Just be prepared to wait a LONG time for your items to arrive unless you're willing to pay for expedited shipping. But as long as you pay good attention to what you're ordering, it should be worth waiting for!

Top & Scarf - Newchic
Leggings - Ricki's
Boots - Payless
Jean Jacket - Old Navy

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