Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Red Sweater Tee

It's been so so dry here lately - so much so that there's a total fire ban on where our cottage is because there are brush and forest fires breaking out! So I was so glad that it's been raining for the past couple of days - because we need it!

Also - it makes for some pretty sweet rainy blog photos, lol.

This wild jungle I'm standing in is our back garden. It's a disaster this year, but we're letting everything grow and go to seed this year before we get back into proper gardening next summer. So wild it is!

I got this great knot-tied red sweater tee as a hand-me-down from my dear friend Heather. She has great taste - and who can say no to free clothes?! Not this gal!

I thought it went nicely with my cropped black pants, black crocs and a bright white tank to wear under the sweater. It would be a totally different look with a black tank, or even a nude tank under this sweater. Options!

And I took the strap off of my multi-chic purse from Poppy & Peonies, because I find when I'm running errands and such I tend to just grab my purse and toss it in whatever cart, etc I'm using - a strap has just been getting in the way lately!

Has it been dry where you are? Are you thirsting for some rain like we have been?

Pants: Rickis
Top: Hand me Down
Clutch: Poppy & Peonies
Sandals: Crocs

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