Friday 19 February 2016

Lady in Red

A while back I heard that Suzy Shier was getting a Plus-Size line - and let me tell you, I was excited. Suzy was a mecca for cheap, fun clothes when I was a teen and I had stopped shopping there a while ago because I had long since outgrown their S/M/L/XL sizing.

Then of course I found out that only "select" stores would be carrying the Plus-Size line. Sigh. So, while I occasionally look online at their plus-size selection I have resigned myself to the fact that I likely wouldn't come across the opportunity to try it on, let alone purchase anything.

Fast forward to last weekend when we were out visiting my in-laws and we made a trip to the mall so I could have my wedding rings resized and as we were wandering around I noticed that the Burlington Mapleview Mall Suzy Shier had a sign out front saying "PLUS SIZE".

Well, I obviously had to go and check it out. And as I was walking in I passed a selection of red dresses in their straight sizing section and this dress practically jumped off the rack screaming "Me! Me! You need me Tea!" and I longingly looked at it and whispered "If only you were plus size..."

THEN when my mother-in-law and I made it back to the plus-size section... There. It. Was. In all it's bright red, lace cap sleeved, princess seamed glory. AND it was lined.

Can you say sold?

Since my littlest and my m-i-l were with me, I decided to try it on. They both agreed and the dress came home. Isn't that a happy little story?

Of course - now that I know there's a Suzy with a plus section near my in-laws... well - I may be visiting it a little more often. I mean - there's things like This, This - oh and THIS that are just begging to be in my closet! Don't tell my husband. ;)

Dress - Suzy Shier (Plus, but also available in straight sizes): Same
Tights - Old (can't remember where I got them)
Shoes - Walmart

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  1. This looks fabulous on you! Red is your color!
    xo, Lily

    1. Thanks Lily! I have always loved red!

  2. Love the dress and you look so pretty in it!

  3. I wish I had this dress for Valentines day. Perfect dress and even better that it's plus size and I need more of those. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

    1. Rachel - this dress would probably look really lovely on you too! Do you have Suzy Shier stores where you are? I can't remember if they're strictly a Canadian company or not? Their plus size line is relatively new - so I was excited to see that there's some crossover into the plus size line from their straight sized section instead of just doing items for each line.
      Thanks for stopping by!