Monday, 14 December 2015

Grey & Green

Usually in the winter when I dress up I tend towards skirts and tights but occasionally I go back to the same style of grey dress pants I've been wearing for years.

They're not particularly fashion-forward, but they're comfortable, classic and have nice clean lines. I have had many different pairs over the years but they all have a fairly straight leg, a nice grey colour (not too dark, nor too light) and a flat waistband - which for me is important due to the mama-belly.

Grey is a great neutral to have in your closet - it will go with pretty much everything that goes with black but it's not so harsh and fades with wash better. Black pants that fade just look faded. Grey pants that fade still look, well, grey.

I picked up this blouse at our local consignment store the other day and fell in love with the contrast trim and deep emerald colour. It's rare for me to find a blouse that's not darted too far forward in the chest and puckers so I was thrilled when I tried this one on and it fit like a dream!

Some sweet black pumps with bows and some gold jewellery and I was dressed (and warm) for church on Sunday morning.

Also - check out these earrings I picked up this past week! I am totally in love with them! I've been on the front/back earring trend for a while, but I am totally obsessed with this spin on it. So cool! And they look amazing peeking out from between my curls.

Do you shop consignment stores? I find it's a great way to pick up some nice clothes at a much more manageable price tag.

Blouse - Thrifted: similar / similar
Pants - Ricki's: similar / similar 
Shoes - Payless: similar / similar

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