Monday, 2 November 2015

Because I'm a grown-up

 Remember when you were a kid and you got to pick out your own outfit - and if there was an item of clothing you really loved you just wore it - no matter if it went or not.

Let me tell you - I was awesome at print-mixing when I was 10. And then we grow up and we think we have to wear things that match and stuff that "goes".

Well, I'm a grown up. And I decide what I wear, darn it. And if I want to wear a cardigan with blingy-bows for buttons and a heart necklace and earrings and sparkly shoes then I'm gonna do it!

And no ones going to stop me. So there.

I'm a grown-up - I've earned this.

PS - Check out my new hair colours! My Mama came by and did it before our family photos and it's awesome! (And she's awesome - obviously.)

Cardigan - Marshalls: similar / similar
Jeans - Forever 21: similar / similar
Flats - Walmart: similar / similar

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  1. YOLO - life is too short to worry about what goes together anymore! #mahoganyclosetLinkUp

    1. You're so right Antionette! I say if you like it - wear it!