Thursday, 4 December 2014

Creature of Comfort

I am a creature of comfort - when I'm feeling kind of down, or a little bit out of sorts, or the edge of a cold coming on, I just want certain things: tea, a comfy spot on my couch, and a nice sweater. This sweater was knit by (probably) my Grandmother and is more than likely older than I am. In fact, I'm certain that when I was a teenager I stole this from my mother's closet.

It's a classic pullover shape, with a classic fair-isle pattern around the yoke. I love how worn and soft it is, how it has fit me in a myriad of different ways over the years, but somehow magically still "fits".

The best part about sweaters like this is that every single year they happen to be "on trend" - which means, they're not trendy at all, but everyone just loves them - and who could blame them. I usually throw this sweater on with jeans, or leggings, but I thought I'd punch up the outfit a bit by wearing them with my hand-me-down dark red bootcut pants.  I think the red really makes the blue of the sweater pop.

My locket which holds pictures of my lovely boys and some earrings that were passed down to me from the hubs' late grandmother. A lovely but classic and comfortable outfit for this creature of comfort.

Sweater - homemade: similar / similar / similar
Pants - hand-me-down: similar / similar / similar
Flats - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Locket - Ben Moss: similar / similar / similar


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