Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Guest Post: Andrea - Mommy makeup

Hi friends - it's your lucky day! A double post day!

I'm so excited to be sharing this guest post from my friend Andrea about Mommy makeup. She has some great tips and I'm linking to the most honest mommy make-up video I have ever ever watched. I laughed out loud, but I learned some tips as well, so I hope you find the time to give it a watch. Without any further intro, and just in time for New Year's Eve - Mommy Makeup by Andrea!

New Year’s Eve to me now is so much different than it was 8 years ago.   New Year’s before having my kids was about getting an awesome dress, going to an awesome party, getting my nails done, spending hours on my make-up, hair did, and drinking like a fish.

Now that I have babies, New Year’s is about staying up till 12:00 (you know I fall asleep on the couch way before then) seeing the ball drop, drinking tea, and heading to bed...

So now that my kids are a little bit older (8, 4 & 3 years old) we are going to make this year a little bit different. We are "going out" for New Years with the kids.  So I definitely won't be getting as fancy as I once did. but I won't be wearing my PJ, slipper and wrapped in my blankie. I also won't have time to go get my nails done, or my hair; and who has time to spend hours on their make-up now? But I can spare about 10 to 15 min for this face of mine... Here is my quick going out make up. 

With this quick neutral look you can easily change it up and get more of an impact with a change of lip color. Some examples: 
Peach lip
Wet and wild  "just peachy" 903C

neutral lip
Younique moodstruck Precision pencil "pouty"

Berry lip
Younique moodstruck Precision pencil "posh"

Red lip
Younique moodstruck Precision pencil "primal"
I love this one! - Tea

You can purchase Younique products from Andrea by clicking this link here: Younique Beauty by Andrea Love. And subscribe to her videos on YouTube too!

Thanks for sharing your tips (and your kiddos) with us Andrea.

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