Friday, 16 October 2015

Family Fashion Feature

So, today I'm featuring my sister-in-law Melissa - because, well - Hello, Gorgeous!

She wore this outfit on Thanksgiving Sunday and I knew I had to get some pictures of her and share this outfit with you!

Melissa is super-fashionable (always) and so coordinated, but like me, she keeps her eyes peeled for a good deal to mix in with classics.

Her sweater actually says A La Mode (which we thought was funny given that our family thanksgiving feast had 9 pies for 14 people) but it actually means "in style" which is what Melissa always is!

I hope you enjoy my seriously beautiful sister-in-law's fall style

Sweater - Banana Republic Factory Store: similar / similar / similar
Scarf - Reitmans: same/ similar
Jeggings - Torrid: similar / similar / similar
Boots - Walmart: similar / similar

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