Monday, 21 September 2015

Shades of Green

Green is not usually my colour. I mean, occasionally I venture into the green side of teal, and I have a few forest green items in my wardrobe, but there is a serious lack of green compared to the other colours of the rainbow.

And there is exactly ONE item in my wardrobe that can be described as "mint". I know that for certain because it is this shirt.

Usually when I wear a colour like mint, or anything that falls into the pastel range, especially in a top it's practically a guarantee that someone will come up to me over the course of the day and say "Are you feeling okay?" Because, apparently wearing pastels in any shade makes me look sick.

This mint shirt, however, is so incredibly pale of a mint colour that it looks white until you hold it up beside something that is actually white. And I'm fairly certain that's the reason I can wear it.

Getting back to the green - when I saw this maxi skirt on clearance at Ricki's I just knew I needed it. It's light and flowy, has a great print, and fills that green void in my wardrobe nicely. My jean jacket for the morning chill (and not for the rest of the day/afternoon), a white belt and my nude wedges rounded out this experiment of green nicely.

Do you have a colour you avoid (either consciously or unconsciously)? I think I avoid pastels because they don't work very well with my skin tone - too much pink/yellow in my skin.

Let me know in the comments!

Skirt - Ricki's: similar / similar / similar
Shirt - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Jacket - Old Navy: similar / similar / similar
Wedges - Walmart

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  1. You look pretty! I think green looks great on you!

  2. Love that you paired that cute belt with the skirt. Perfect accessory!