Thursday, 17 September 2015

Absent-minded professor?

Something about this outfit made me feel sort of professorial.

I don't know if perhaps I had a prof that wore sweaters like this or what, but wearing it made me feel like I should take notes on something, or use a laser pointer or give a multiple-choice exam.

But instead I took kids to school and looked after some littles during the day.

I'm loving that these type of intarsia/fair isle sweaters are so in. This one is a fairly inexpensive store version of that type of knitting, but anyone with a knitting gran (or the knitting bug) could likely make something like this for themselves and know that it will be in fashion regularly.

I love mixing a definite cold weather item (like this sweater) with warm weather items like cropped pants and boat shoes. It works for our cool mornings and hot afternoons that we are having for weather lately.

What do you think? Is a sweater and cropped pants weird items to mix? Too much like shorts and uggs?

Sweater - Giant Tiger: similar / similar
T-shirt - Joe Fresh
Pants - Thrifted
Boat Shoes - Walmart

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