Friday, 24 July 2015

Who Wears White Shorts?

Okay. Honesty time: white shorts and moms generally do NOT mix.

I know, I know - there's some Moms out there who are all neat and tidy and can wear crisp white shorts or pants and beautiful flowy tops made with light airy fabric that they never ever seem to get a pull in or a stain on or whatever.

I am not one of those moms.

But I always LOVE the way that white shorts look on other people! I see them and I longingly look at them and then occasionally I go out and try on thirty thousand pairs of white shorts, pants and capris and go home empty handed. Because - ugh.

And then - a miracle happened. I found these shorts at Walmart and I both love and hate them at the exact same time. But I love them a teeny tiny iota more than hate them so here they are.

I love these because they're a decent length without being all golf course-y or whatever. They're a thick enough material that you can't tell what brand of gitch I've got on underneath and they have a super-comfortable waistband - no weird stitching or superfluous lining or anything to contend with.

They also make me hate them because after wearing them for like an 18th of a second they've got more wrinkles than a sharpei puppy - and they're way less cute than that puppy too. Ugh.

But they also look kind of awesome with this Suzy Shier + tunic and my gladiator-esque sandals. So - white shorts for the win!

AND AND AND I wore them all day long and didn't get any stains on them. I know, right? Miracles DO happen.

Tunic - Suzy Shier + : similar / similar
Shorts - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Sandals - Payless: similar / similar / similar
Necklace &  Earrings - Handmade by Me

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