Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Unintentional Hiatus and Jump(er) back in

So sorry friends! I took an unintentional hiatus there for a couple of weeks. Truth? My kids are out of school and I thought I could just go on with my life (HA! I know, right?) and honestly I spent about 95% of the last 2 weeks in either running shorts or my swimsuit since we've spent as much time as possible near the lake!

I promise that I am getting used to having my monsters boys home from school and I will be posting much more regularly as the summer progresses!

The jumpsuit (which you definitely saw late last summer) is back in rotation and definitely just as comfortable as ever. Which is great because when you wake up to 28'C you don't have a lot of energy to think about what to put on your body!

Plus, I like to think the blue in the print goes well with the blue in my hair.

Hiatus over - I'm jumping back in!

Jumpsuit - Reitmans
Sandals - Walmart
Belt - Rickis

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  1. Welcome back in the game Tea! It's good to see you back. I am glad you got a few weeks of full time intentional time with your boys.
    Rachel xo