Friday, 20 March 2015

Tie one (Scarf) on

Feeling a little vintage airline stewardess today! Lol

I've had this scarf for a little while now -it was passed on to me after the Hubs' Grandmother passed away. I've loved it since I first saw it and I keep taking it out and not wearing it - so I finally decided to just bite the bullet and own it! I love the pattern on the scarf and I think the purple in the print goes well with my purple cropped blazer, and it mixes nicely with the calm almost tone on tone print on my tee.

The boyfriend jeans are back again - and I'm sure you guys are sick of them, but they're just soooo comfortable! And I honestly have 3 pairs of jeans total, so in weather like this (cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon) jeans are pretty much a must-wear. I'm on the hunt for another couple pairs of jeans, but the thrifting gods haven't been smiling down on my VV search lately.

I love mixing  tones of the same colours, so the purple scalloped flats came out to play. And I finally (FINALLY) managed to get my hands on some double-sided stud earrings. I've been searching for a pair of these that were actually in my budget for AGES and I found a pair at Ardene that had a weird stud on the front. So I paired them with a different pair of "pearl" studs and ended up with the earrings I've been wanting!

Hope you're having a lovely Friday!

Blazer - Ricki's (Old): similar / similar / similar
T-shirt - Target: similar / similar / similar
Jeans - Thrifted (Old Navy): similar / similar / similar
Earrings - Ardene (2 pairs combined): similar / similar / similar
Scarf - Vintage: similar / similar / similar
Flats - Ardene

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  1. Loving how your style is evolving, Tea! What a great look. I feel inspired to try wearing my vintage scarves like that! And inspired to get some of those cool tribal pearl earrings! Bravo! I always look forward to your posts. Thanks so much for begin a part of Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thanks so much! I love these earrings, and thanks for reading!
      I will def. be linking up on Friday.

  2. I love how that scarf looks with your blazer! This is adorable!

    1. Thanks Laura! It's a great scarf. :)

  3. that scarf is perfect and genius with the earrings. Great idea.

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by! :)