Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Because, Science!

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer in my big kiddo's classroom for a "Scientist in the School" afternoon.

We talked about structures, their uses and types, and the kids got to make a stool out of newspaper. It was a fun afternoon to spend in my kiddo's classroom and interact with him and his classmates.

I wore this super-comfy shift dress, covered by a chambray shirt to keep my arms warm with tights and loafer flats.

It was perfect for hanging out in the classroom and learning along with the kids.

Also - I wanted to tell you how completely obsessed I am with this lipstick! It's an Essence longlasting lipstick and it was $2.99. Not even joking. 3 bucks people.
This is such a great pink/coral colour, and it's creamy and actually lasts for quite some time. I picked it up at Shopper's Drug Mart, but I'm pretty sure you can get them at Walmart as well.

Chambray - Target: similar / similar / similar
Graphic Print Shift Dress - Thrifted: similar / similar / similar
Loafers - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Earrings - Handmade
Necklace - Gifted
Lipstick - Coral Calling by Essence

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  1. I love your patterned dress and chambray touch, very cute!

    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

    1. Thanks Rachel! I do love this dress - I wear it fairly often, it's just thinking of different ways to style it!

  2. I love a good cheap lipstick, and this color is great on you! So fun that you could visit your son's class. I think your outfit is very adult appropriate, but the fun print makes it kid-friendly. Thanks for coming by my blog, and for your thoughtful suggestion!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Thanks Priya! That's totally what I was going for - "I'm an adult, but I'm still fun!" lol.
      This lipstick is ah-mazing. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I've since picked it up in two more colours!

  3. I have that dress! I love it-it's comfy, skims over my 'padding' and is easy to dress up or down :)

  4. What a cute dress. Thanks for linking up with the Thursday Files and I hope to see you at my thursday linkup