Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Graphic Shift dress

Sometimes when you're thrifting something just practically jumps off the rack and says "Me! Me!" - this shift dress did just that. To be honest, on the hangar it's basically shapeless and I was sure I'd have to do some tailoring to make it decent, but once I put it on I was pleasantly surprised! It does need something to nip in the waist, but a woven belt did just the trick and a pair of leggings underneath helps both with warding off any chill in the air, as well as with keeping my legs from rubbing together, lol!

Put on my trusty tan boat shoes and this was a perfect outfit for taking our big'un out to learn to ride his bike with no training wheels! Running behind a bike, and playing around with our littl'un on the track.

I actually think this could be worn as a dress with solid tights, but I worry that it's maybe a teeny bit too short. Perhaps with a coloured slip underneath?
In any case - I'm hoping to get a lot of wear out of this little shift throughout the winter with blazers and tights and hope it will carry right into next year as well.

Dress - Thrifted: similar / similar / similar
Leggings - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Boat shoes - Walmart: similar / similar / similar
Belt - Thrifted: similar / similar / similar


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