Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to Wear Cropped Pants

As a plus-sized Mama I often feel like certain styles just aren't made to fit me right. For a long time I felt like cropped pants fit squarely into the "not for me" category.

Maybe it's because I'm tall and when I was younger cropped pants just meant pants that were too short, maybe it's because being bigger and having larger legs sometimes means that things don't sit quite right, making them look cropped when they're not. Who knows - but I do know that finding the right pair of cropped pants puts this style right back into the "totally for me" category. Yay!

So I decided to showcase a few of my favourite ways to wear cropped pants just in case you were thinking they were not for you.

1. With brightly coloured pumps: It can be a stretch for some to wear a bright red shoe like in this outfit, but I really think it shows off the classic cropped length of these pants. It ties in nicely with the faux leather jacket too. Try a bright coloured pump or even a patterned D'orsay pump with some cropped pants - the crop sits high enough to really show off your fave new kicks!

2. With sandals and a scarf vest: To be fair - these pants aren't actually cropped on their own - but a solid cuff up on your jeans can take them straight into cropped territory. A flat neutral sandal or flip flop and a bright scarf vest gives the cropped jeans a nice, casual boho feel. 

3. Leopard flats and a flowy top: A little sweet and a little sassy - some leopard flats and a flowy blouse go great with a neutral cropped pant. Again - the cropped look shows off the sassy leopard print flats and the flowy top sits long enough over the pants to balance out the other pieces. 

4. Got a great pair of heeled booties that you want to show off? Cropped pants for the win! When the weather gets really cold you might think that cropped pants can't work, but wear some cute booties with great socks or tights and balance out the outfit with some simple other pieces.

5. Sky high platform pumps and a cropped blazer: Now, normally I would have said to wear a long top with cropped pants for balance, but I kind of love how this cropped pant and blazer combo came out. The high platform pumps could break up the length of your legs if you have shorter legs (on me, it's not a problem) but black tights in this outfit would deal with that issue.

6. Neutrals and a single bright item. In this outfit I consider the leopard flats more of a neutral than a focus - mostly because the bright red scarf kind of steals the show. If you're going to wear a single super bright item, cropped pants can fit in where you would wear any other pair of trousers. Not only are they a standout - but they can also fit in!
I'm actually looking forward to adding a few patterned cropped pants to my wardrobe this coming year and I love wearing the ones I currently have. I'm hoping that this trend isn't going away any time soon.

How do you wear cropped pants? Are they something you wear or something you shy away from?

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  1. I love how you styled your cropped pants with pumps and flats, so cute. I love pants where the bottoms can easily roll up creating more options for wearing the pants.
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

    1. So true - you probably noticed that I snuck in a cuffed but not cropped pair! Lol